Hewlett-Packard Laying Off About 500 In Conway

Jul 8, 2013

Hewlett-Packard is laying off about 500 workers in Conway as it streamlines its operations at its three-year old $28 million customer support facility and abroad.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer firm opened its Conway service center in 2010 amid tremendous fanfare.

The company told employees in its customer loyalty center on Monday afternoon that it would provide severance packages to nearly 500 workers and help with finding employment for those displaced.

A HP spokesperson confirmed that the layoffs will occur and that only the Conway facility is affected by today’s announcement.

The restructuring is part of an announced plan made public in May 2012, which involved significant layoffs at various other facilities, although Conway was not impacted at that time.

A spokesperson for HP tells Talk Business there should be “no disruption” to any services despite the cutbacks.

HP announced its location in Conway, Ark. in 2008, but didn’t open the facility until 2010.

News of the state landing the Hewlett-Packard facility in Conway was heralded as game-changing for the state’s economic reputation.

The city’s two colleges and one university were to be a feeder for the tech jobs the center would field.  At the time, as many as 1,500 jobs were expected. Employment reached about 1,000 in recent times, but HP has a policy of not disclosing its employee count at locations.