Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Celebrating 25th Year

Oct 5, 2016

The 25th annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival begins this weekend. More than 100 documentaries will be screened over 10 days, with many filmmakers taking part in discussions afterward. You can find a full lineup of  documentaries and events here.

Matt DeCample, communications director of the festival, says one highlight this year is a showing of For the Love of Spock, a look at Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. 

"His son Adam Nimoy directed it, and then of course Leonard Nimoy died unexpectedly, so it took on a whole new feel and so we are going to have not only the screening, but Beau Bridges, who is one of the honorary co-chairs of the festival was a friend of Leonard Nimoy's, so he has asked to kind of moderate and oversee that session and he's going to interview Adam Nimoy via satellite from Spain," DeCample said.

Saturday afternoon will feature the documentary Maya Angelou and Still I Rise. The late poet and author spent part of her childhood in the southwest Arkansas town of Stamps. That session will involve honorary Co-Chair Louis Gossett, Jr.

The documentary film festival has had public financial struggles in recent years, but DeCample says it's doing better now.

"There was a point about four or five years ago where there were some questions about whether it could continue and whether the finances would be there and how they had been handled. But its rebounded nicely and we're in good financial shape each year and are able to bring in both a lot of great films and a lot of great people to go with them.

KUAR is a sponsor of this year's festival.