Investigators Confirm Tornado Touched Down During Monday Night's Storm

May 10, 2016

Storm damage in western Pulaski County Tuesday morning.
Credit KATV, Channel 7 News

Investigators with the National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday that a tornado touched down in Saline County on Monday night.

Radar images indicate a high likelihood there was also tornado activity in the northern part of the state in Fulton County, with representatives of the weather service on the ground there.

80 mile per hour winds caused significant damage and power loss near the towns of Mammoth Springs and Salem.

"What they’re basically going to look for is the pattern. If you see the trees converging towards one another with heavy enough damage, that might be a tornado. If everything’s leaning in one direction that might just be straight-line winds," said Meteorologist Michael Brown.

He notes that severe weather continues to be a possibility for the remainder of the week.

"We can still see some storms over the next couple days, especially over northern Arkansas," Brown said, "but the worse is pretty much behind us."