KUAR Around The World: Reporting On Executions

Credit NPR

As Arkansas's execution plans draw national and international headlines KUAR Public Radio and Arkansas Public Media reporters are working to inform residents at home and abroad.

Take a listen to just a few of the interviews Arkansas public radio reporters are giving to other media outlets this Thursday. Arkansas news is spreading fast and far, News Director Michael Hibblen's even made an appearance on Israeli television network i24NEWS last week, which can be watched at this link.

APM's Sarah Whites-Koditschek was on Northern California Public Radio's KQED (to be posted).

KUAR's Jacob Kauffman was on NPR's Morning Edition.

He was also on BBC Radio's Outside Source (to be posted) and the KCRW Los Angeles program To The Point.

Arkansas Public Media's Bobby Ampezzan reported on All Things Considered Thursday afternoon about the international media that has converged on the state to cover the scheduled executions.  

Later in the afternoon Ampezzan reported an update for All Things Considered while traveling down to Cummins Prison.

The entire news team has also been regularly filing newscast spots for NPR News.