KUAR Podcast: Clinton/Cotton, Pope Politics, Civil Rights, Military Money, 911 concerns, & Atari

Sep 26, 2015

KUAR Week-In-Review Podcast

This is KUAR’s Week in Review Podcast where we cover the news from the week that was, this edition: September 20-26.

  • The former First Lady of Arkansas touts her Methodist roots in Little Rock as she looks to the White House. Will Tom Cotton step into the fray?
  • A rare Papal visit to the United States. How does Arkansas’s sole Catholic congressman feel about an unorthodox message?
  • The battle over the Confederacy continues. A victory for secession in Batesville, and victory for nine in Little Rock.
  • Arkansas’s governor promotes defense industry economics with an eye toward federal dollars.
  • An in-depth look at a tragedy that sparked a review of the state’s 911 system.
  • The maker of the classic video game “Centipede” on gender issues at Atari and the place of gaming in society.