Little Rock Apartment Complex Cited for Discriminatory Behavior

Oct 9, 2013

A national group has filed a federal complaint against the owners of a Little Rock apartment complex.

The National Fair Housing Alliance claims Bailey Properties, a company that owns several housing properties in Little Rock and surrounding areas, violated the Fair Housing Act by denying apartments to prospective Hispanic renters at the Waterford, a complex located on Green Mountain Drive.

The conclusion was reached through a series of experiences with undercover NFHA employees posing as individuals looking for apartments. Those who were white allegedly received preferential treatment and were immediately provided with paperwork, while Hispanic individuals were given rental documents after a significant period of time had passed between the initial request and receipt of the paperwork.

"It is incumbent upon HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] and, in this case, the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission to conduct an investigation," said NFHA spokesman Morgan Williams. "We are prepared to engage them in forwarding that investigation."

Morgan also said plans for a concrete solution will be created once analysis is complete.

Officials from Bailey Properties could not be reached for comment.