Little Rock Man Eager To See Finish Line This Year In Boston Marathon

Apr 15, 2014

Jeff Glasbrenner

As the city of Boston marks the anniversary of the marathon bombings, one Little Rock man who was part of the marathon last year is eager to go back and see the finish line.

KUAR's Karen Tricot Steward spoke to him by phone and has this report.

Jeff Glasbrenner was a little over three blocks away from the finish line last year when the bombs went off. Police rushed in and stopped the race. At first he didn't know why. He says he's a competitive person, and it was hard for him to stop and not finish what he'd started.

"For me it's always about getting to the finish line. Going back this year was an easy decision. I wasn't going to let two bad guys steal my finish line," says Glasbrenner.

The 41-year-old amputee who lost the bottom half of one leg in a farming accident when he was 8 years old has been active in sports for years. He's a three-time Paralympian for wheelchair basketball, and over the past several years has been running, swimming, and biking, completing 13 marathons and 22 Iron Man challenges.

"I was always told when I first lost my leg that I couldn't play sports. I found wheelchair basketball in college and never looked back," he says. 

This year, he'll be bringing two other amputees with him to take on the challenge of running the marathon.

He explains that he has an everyday leg that he uses to get around, and then a special prosthetic made for running. 

Jeff Glasbrenner with his kids

"Technology over the years has been truly amazing. Each and every year its been bigger and better and lighter and stronger," he says. 

Glasbrenner has a wife and two children. He says he can't help but be nervous.

"I didn't expect last year to happen. That didn't even enter my mind. Now it definitely does. I feel that nothing is going to happen. But, in the back of your mind you're always looking over your shoulder just a little bit," says Glasbrenner.

He says running the race will allow him to honor those who died and were injured last year and not let anything stand in the way of a dream.