Little Rock School District Changes Policy On Cell Phones

Aug 20, 2015


The Little Rock School District will be allowing high school students to carry their cell phones with them during the school day as part of a pilot policy.

In the past, students who brought their phones on campus were required to leave them in their lockers during the day. But the district announced Thursday that effective immediately, that’s changing.

"It means the students can have their phones in their possession, but they cannot use them and the phones cannot make any noise at all unless the teacher is authorizing them to do so for a particular instructional opportunity," said district spokeswoman Pamela Smith.

The policy is limited to students at the district’s five high schools. Middle and elementary students will continue to have current limits imposed. At the end this school year, administrators will assess the policy and determine whether it should be continued.

"This is not only going to enhance their educational experience by allowing them to access appropriate information on campus, it will also teach them responsible use of cell phones and so the students, quite obviously, are excited about that," Smith said.

Parents are being sent information about the new policy via the district’s mass notification system Blackboard, and Smith says those who have questions can contact their student’s principal.