LR Police Shoot Suspect, Community Reacts With Anger

Jul 15, 2013

Little Rock Police say an officer shot and killed a suspect who fled after being stopped Monday for driving a stolen vehicle along 12th street.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis, spokeswoman for the department, said two officers chased the man into an alley way where they were reportedly involved in an altercation.

“At about 11:41 our officers were attempting to make a traffic stop on a vehicle they believed to be stolen. In making contact with the driver, the driver then fled on foot and the officers caught up to the supect behind the address of 1110 Adams. As a result of that our officer did fire at least on round striking our victim. He is deceased, described as a black male in his 30's, maybe."

The names of victim and the officers have not been officially released.

Davis said a weapon not belonging to either officer was found on the scene.

Charles Sims said he witnessed the incident while standing in the parking lot of a Family Dollar nearby. He said he heard several gun shots after the chase led into the alley.

“By the time they made it halfway to this alley another white police officer whipped up in that police car right there with the lights on," said Sims, pointing to the scene of the shooting. "They hit that alley. As soon as they hit that alley you heard 8, 9 gunshots."

Sims said he believed the shots came from a single gun and Little Rock Police have confirmed that only the officer's weapon fired.

Along 12th street, police had barricaded the scene of the crime while over an estimated 150 residents turned out to protest what many perceive as a continued example of police harassment.

Asa Mohammed was among those demonstrating, and questioned the professional integrity of the police.

“What's going on? Are they able to control their officers?  Are they acting at professional standards or what?” said Mohammed.

Many of the protestors referred to the recent Trayvon Martin case and the shooting of Bobby Moore, a teenager who was killed by a Little Rock officer last August as some of the reasons behind their anger.

Stephanie Jones, who has lived in the neighborhood for six years, said she has experienced tensions with police in the area, a sentiment echoed by many of the protestors.

“One time I was coming out of the beauty supply store and [a police car] just pulled up behind us and wanted to know what was we doing in the area. And you know it is just awful the way people harrass people over here and there don't be that much going on,” said Jones.