Lt. Governor Says Common Core Recommendations Will Be Ready Next Week

Jul 22, 2015

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin (R)
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

A council commissioned by Governor Asa Hutchinson to study Common Core education standards will be meeting next week to finalize its recommendations.

The council has concluded about 40 hours of hearings with educators, citizens and policymakers as well as nine stops on a statewide listening tour earlier this year. Republican Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin chairs the sixteen-member Council. He says they plan to meet next Thursday to make a final decision on what recommendations they will submit to the Governor.

“We have not put pen to paper on [those recommendations] yet. We were going to close that out the last week of June with a conference call, sort of working through the specifics with the members of the council. But there was a desire to physically get in the same room as opposed to just doing it over the telephone,” he says.

Griffin says he anticipates that the meeting will take “a few hours” for members to finalize the recommendations. He says a recent State Board of Education decision to switch from the PARCC test to the ACT Aspire test will likely not influence the council's recommendations on educational standards. But he does say some recommendations could call for new state laws.

“There was some issues relating to privacy and data privacy that I thought if we were going to deal with them properly they would probably require legislation,” he says. “There may well be some recommendations that require legislation. Whether that legislation is pursued, that's up to the Governor; that's up to the legislature.”

But Griffin emphasizes that the recommendations are targeted toward gubernatorial action, following the council's objective set forward by Hutchinson when he announced its creation in March.