Maumelle Parents, Disappointed With The Pulaski County Special School District, Want A Detachment

Apr 1, 2013

Officials say a huge number of Maumelle parents have been voicing their disappointments with the Pulaski County Special School District.

A council meeting is set for Monday night to discuss a resolution to detach itself from the School District and become independent.

Preston Lewis, Ward 3 Councilman, said they’re ready to do what it takes.

“They’ve been without a school board for going back since 2011 in the summer, so there’s a general sense that the community is underserved. Given the test results that they’ve seen, given the fact that it’s a situation, almost sort of resemblance of taxation without representation,” said Lewis.

“We would first go after kind of a legislative look, if we have to go that route, and certainly any final departure from the district would probably be at the approval of the Arkansas Department of Education. We know that it could be a lengthy process but it’s certainly one that we’re not afraid to engage in.”

The city council meeting is at 6 p.m.