McCain's Little Rock Appearance Postponed

Mar 21, 2013

John McCain
Credit / Dan Bennet

Those who had hoped to attend a speaking event with John McCain for the Clinton School of Public Service this Friday will have to wait until April to see the U.S. Senator.

Nikolai DiPippa, Director of Public Programs at the Clinton School, says McCain has been held up along with other members of the Senate by extended budget deliberations in Washington. “They’re unsure whether or not they would be done with the amendment votes on the budget resolution which some have been referring to [as] the vote-o-rama. It’s basically unlimited debate on amendments to the budget process that they’re in right now.”

McCain plans to address the “current situations” affecting the U.S when he does appear. “I’m sure that the budget talks, the current foreign policy issues of the day whether it be President Obama’s trip to the Middle East or the Syrian conflict. Those things will likely come up,” says DiPippa.

He also expects McCain to field attendees’ questions. The Senator will be the second former Republican presidential candidate to speak for the School since Bob Dole delivered an inaugural lecture at the School in 2005.

DiPippa notes that more Arkansans voted for McCain in his 2008 presidential bid than for President Bush in 2004, demonstrating how Arkansas has become more Republican-leaning in recent years. He says this has been one of the most highly anticipated events on the Clinton School’s speaking calendar. “We’ve had a lot of advanced reservations for this event. In fact it’s the 11th most RSVP’d event in our history which has been over 750 events so far.”

The talk has been  rescheduled for 6 p.m. Friday, April 12th at the Barry L. Travis Exhibition Hall, part of the Robinson Center in Downtown Little Rock.  You can reserve a seat by going to or by calling 683-5239.