More Than 70,000 Voters Have Cast A Ballot Early For The General Election In Arkansas

Oct 25, 2016

More than 70,000 voters have cast a ballot early for the general election in Arkansas.

Secretary of State Mark Martin's office said 22,806 people cast a ballot by late Tuesday afternoon, the second day of early voting in the state for the Nov. 8 election. Martin's office has predicted that potentially 70 percent of the state's 1.7 million registered voters will cast a ballot in the general election.

Arkansas has mostly been overlooked in the increasingly bitter presidential race.

The state's ballot will feature Republican Sen. John Boozman's re-election bid against Democratic challenger Conner Eldridge. The ballot will also include competing proposals to legalize medical marijuana, though a lawsuit attempting to block votes from being counted for one of the measures is pending before the state Supreme Court.