More Arkansas Officials Switch To GOP During Filing Season

Nov 4, 2015

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday politically in Northeast Arkansas, as two longtime Democrats switched to the GOP and county races developed around the state.

Poinsett County Coroner Butch Davis of Harrisburg filed to run as a Republican as did Poinsett County Justice of the Peace Harold Blackwood of Tyronza. The two joined three others who announced their switch on Monday. Greene County Treasurer Debbie Cross, Poinsett County Treasurer Tammie Stanford and Poinsett County Justice of the Peace Carmack Sanders each filed Monday to run as Republicans during the 2016 election.

In Craighead County, it was a relatively quiet Tuesday as only three candidates filed. Democrat Toni Oden of Jonesboro filed to run for assessor, joining incumbent Republican Hannah Towell of Jonesboro in the race. Towell, who is seeking a second term, filed Monday at the Jonesboro courthouse.

Another longtime Democrat also filed Tuesday as an independent. Justice of the Peace Ken Stacks, who serves in District 1, filed as an independent after serving as a Democrat. Also filing Tuesday was Darrel Cook of Jonesboro, who filed for justice of the peace in District 6. The incumbent, Democrat Max Render, filed Monday.

The following are a list of other filings for county offices in Arkansas:


County Judge – Don Burch, R.
JP 4 – Jimmy Sledge, D.
JP 5 – Mike Gorman, R.
JP 6 – Bobby Hargrove, R.


County Judge – Troy Tucker, R and Ron Daniell, D.
County Clerk – Rhonda Cole, D.
Treasurer – Judy Beth Hutcherson, D
Assessor – Mandy Rogers, R.
JP 3 – Vanilla Nelson Hannah, D.
JP 4 – Llewellyn E. Terry Sr., D.
JP 6 – Derek Helms, R.
JP 7 – Arthur L. Tippin, D.
JP 11 – Stan Rogers, R.


JP 4 – Rebecca E. Cole, R.
JP 5 – Johnny W. Ragsdale, D.
JP 11 – Carrie Jernigan, R.
JP 13 – Debbie Atwell, R.


County Judge – Donnie Sanders, D.


Sheriff – Dan Langston, D.
Coroner – Dick Pace, D.
JP 1 – Dustin Rumsey, R.
JP 2 – Barry Bateman, D.
JP 3 – Britt Camp, D.
JP 6 – Donald A. Lambert, D.
JP 9 – Blake Phillips, R.
JP 10 – Bill Lovelady, D.


County Judge – Robert Griffin, R.
County Clerk – Tracey Nast Mitchell, D.
Sheriff – Shawn Stephens, R and Steve Jeffery, D.
Treasurer – Bob Treadway, D.
JP 5 – Bill Lindsey, D.
JP 7 – Jason Jones, R.
JP 8 – Kenny Hurley, R.
JP 9 – Ronald Dean Lewallen, D.


County Judge – Ray Gack, R.
Sheriff – Boyd D. Hicks, R.
County Clerk – Tom Bruce, R.
Treasurer – Mickey Parker Oates, D.
Collector – Brittany Rogers, D.
Assessor – Shannon Cotton, D.
JP 5 – John O’Brien, R.
JP 6 – Charles Pearson, R.
JP 8 – James Denny Stone, I.
JP 10 – Jeanne Andrews, D.
JP 11 – Dottie L. Williams, D.


Sheriff – Rick Evans, D.
Assessor – Will Jones, D.
JP 3 – Rick McLoud, D.
JP 4 – Pattie Shinn, D.
JP 9 – Chance A. Bryant, R.


County Judge – David Hudson, R.
County Clerk – Sharon Brooks, R.
Circuit Clerk – Denora Coomer, R.
Treasurer/Collector – Judith Miller, R and Steve Hotz, R.
Assessor – Zach Johnson, R and Rhonda Hamm, D.
Sheriff – Bill Hollenbeck, D.
Coroner – Cindy Ducker, R.
JP 2 – Jackie C. Davis, R.
JP 3 – Shawn Looper, R.
JP 4 – Dr. James W. Butler, R and Tony Crockett, R.
JP 5 – John Spradlin, R.
JP 6 – Danny W. Aldridge, R and Barry Rowton, R.
JP 7 – Jim Medley, R.
JP 8 – Donald E. Carter, D.
JP 9 – Rhonda Royal, D.
JP 10 – Dickie Lee Robertson, D.
JP 11 – Linda Willsey Murry, D.
JP 12 – Bob Schwartz, R.
JP 13 – Rick Reedy, R.