Movie-Rap Mash Up

Jul 8, 2016
Originally published on March 10, 2017 9:18 am

Contestants must mash up movie titles with the names of famous hip-hop and rap artists. For example, if we said, "Veteran cop Denzel Washington mentors Ethan Hawke about the album Three Feet High and Rising," you'd answer, "Training Day La Soul."

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Let's meet our next two contestants. Brandon Blain, you're a DJ. What is your DJ name?


EISENBERG: No, it's not. No, it's not.

B. BLAIN: Oh, yes it is.

EISENBERG: Where do you usually DJ?

B. BLAIN: All over New England - some New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, all of them.

EISENBERG: Do you do like private events, weddings?

B. BLAIN: Sure, yeah.

EISENBERG: Engagement parties?

B. BLAIN: Yeah. I do a little bit of everything - bars, night clubs, whatever.

EISENBERG: And your opponent is your wife...

B. BLAIN: Yeah.

EISENBERG: ...Ashley Blain. Ashley, you work at a nonprofit and think your daughter will do just fine in the zombie apocalypse.

ASHLEY BLAIN: She'll do very well.

EISENBERG: That's an...

A. BLAIN: She's a fierce little being.

EISENBERG: What's her main advantage over the zombies attacking?

A. BLAIN: I think she will will them to death, as she does me. Yes.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) So she will annoy them out of...

A. BLAIN: She will talk them out of it. She will just will her way right to the top of the post-apocalyptic world.

EISENBERG: OK. How is she doing in the non-apocalyptic world?

A. BLAIN: Pretty good.


B. BLAIN: Yeah.

A. BLAIN: Pretty good, yeah.

EISENBERG: How old is this daughter?

A. BLAIN: She's 3 and a half.

EISENBERG: OK, 3 and a half.

A. BLAIN: Yeah.


EISENBERG: Lots of room, lots of room. Brandon, if you could be a multi-hyphenated artist, you know, what disciplines would you combine? I mean, like singer-songwriter, actor-director, producer-writer - what would you choose?

B. BLAIN: Well, I'm already a DJ so I'd be like DJ-producer then kind of actor probably.

EISENBERG: DJ-producer-actor?

B. BLAIN: Yeah, sure.

EISENBERG: I like it. I like it. How about you, Ashley? What disciplines would you combine?

A. BLAIN: I think I would be a foodie slash escape room artist because I love the escape rooms.

EISENBERG: You love the escape room. What do you like best about the escape room experience? I've never done it.

A. BLAIN: I like the challenge and the time and the competitiveness.

EISENBERG: So you're in a room and you have to figure out how to get out?

A. BLAIN: Correct.

EISENBERG: I feel like that is my everyday like...


A. BLAIN: Maybe.

EISENBERG: I don't...


EISENBERG: Drake, Mark Wahlberg, L.L. Cool J - not only are these three of my close personal friends, but they are also hip-hop and rap artists who crossed over to become actors. So that is the inspiration for this game. Puzzle guru Art Chung, please explain.

ART CHUNG: So in this game, you're going to mash up movie titles with the names of famous hip-hop or rap artists. So if I said veteran cop Denzel Washington mentors Ethan Hawke about the album "3 Feet High And Rising," you'd answer training De La Soul - "Training Day" plus De La Soul.


JONATHAN COULTON: That just happened.

EISENBERG: Yeah. This is what's happening.


EISENBERG: You can talk it out.


EISENBERG: That's my tip to you. Don't be intimidated, ring in, talk it out.

A. BLAIN: Don't be intimidated against the DJ, no, not a bit.

EISENBERG: Don't be intimidated - right, exactly. You'll be fine. You've escaped out of harder things.


A. BLAIN: Yes.


COULTON: Listen, Ashley, you've gotten out of rooms.



EISENBERG: That's right.

COULTON: So you can get out of anything.

EISENBERG: You can get out of anything.

COULTON: Here's another tip - the movie is always going to come first in the mash-up.


COULTON: OK? Here we go.

EISENBERG: In the second "Star Trek" movie, Captain James T. Kirk faces off against the only person with a bigger ego than himself, Yeezy.



B. BLAIN: Wrath of Kanye West.

EISENBERG: Exactly, yeah.

B. BLAIN: Thank you.


EISENBERG: Not too bad, right?

B. BLAIN: Yeah, it's fun.

COULTON: It's Tim Burton's stop-motion dark fantasy, a rapper nicknamed Misdemeanor gets her Yuletide freak on.


COULTON: Ashley.

A. BLAIN: The Nightmare Before Christmissy Elliott.

COULTON: That's right.



EISENBERG: It's fun, right? It's fun.

A. BLAIN: Yes.

EISENBERG: I love the term Yuletide freak on. I feel like...


EISENBERG: I just - I see like a Connecticut woman, you know, a housewife who's throwing a Christmas party that she's really excited about.

COULTON: Like an eggnog party.

EISENBERG: Yeah, right? She's like we're going to our Yuletide freak on, you know?


EISENBERG: Like too excited about it. We're really going crazy this holiday season.


EISENBERG: In this sequel, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson compete in an acapella competition against a hologram of this "California Love" rapper.



B. BLAIN: Pitch Perfect Tupac Shakur.

EISENBERG: Yes. That's right. I wanted all of it, and you delivered all of it.


EISENBERG: That is the premise of "Pitch Perfect 3."

COULTON: Adam Sandler playing one of Satan's sons must save his father using the infectious beats of "Super Bass" and "Anaconda."


COULTON: Brandon.

B. BLAIN: Little Nicky Minaj.

COULTON: That's right.



EISENBERG: Are you a fan of Adam Sandler?

B. BLAIN: Maybe like 10, 15 years ago, yes.


B. BLAIN: But anything new is just garbage.

EISENBERG: Are you a fan of...


B. BLAIN: Sorry.

EISENBERG: I don't think that's an unusual opinion.

B. BLAIN: Yeah.


EISENBERG: Being Jewish, we don't believe in Adam Sandler.


COULTON: See, I'm half Jewish, so I only like his earlier stuff. So...

EISENBERG: That's right, exactly. This rapper and Oscar-nominated actress helps Helen Mirren's Elizabeth II bring down the house of Windsor. Helen Mirren's Elizabeth II. Puzzle guru Art Chung, do you want to step in here with a hint?

CHUNG: I don't have a hint.



CHUNG: Oscar-nominated actress...

A. BLAIN: Helen Mirren.

EISENBERG: Yeah, Helen Mirren.

COULTON: Elizabeth was a...

A. BLAIN: I think I have half of it. Keep going.

EISENBERG: Rapper...

CHUNG: The name of the rapper...


EISENBERG: Bring down the house is the - yes, Ashley. Do you want to talk it out?

A. BLAIN: Elizabeth Queen Latifa.

CHUNG: Well, the movie - what's the name of the movie? Do you know the name of the movie?

A. BLAIN: That's a great question, Art.

CHUNG: Yeah.


COULTON: Fantastic question. In many ways, it is the question.

CHUNG: In some ways.


COULTON: You have put your finger right on the question that is at hand right now.

CHUNG: I don't think we can accept that.

EISENBERG: Are you kidding me?

CHUNG: Well, she doesn't know the movie.

EISENBERG: Brandon, do you know the movie?

B. BLAIN: Yeah, I got nothing.

EISENBERG: Really? All right. We were looking for the Queen Latifah - the queen Queen Latifah.


COULTON: I know. You know what? You can protest later. You can protest later.

EISENBERG: In the mind of an 11-year-old girl, Amy Poehler personifies the emotion of joy and Andre 3000 and Big Boi are the voice of the dirty South.



B. BLAIN: Inside Outkast.

EISENBERG: Exactly. Yeah.

A. BLAIN: Good job.

COULTON: You'll be happy to hear that this is your last clue. MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D help Belle teach a monster to love, but not before rapping listen all ya'll it's a talking clock.


COULTON: You're welcome, America. Ashley.

A. BLAIN: Beauty and the Beastie Boys.

COULTON: You got it.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung - our married couple, which one of them will move on?

CHUNG: Well, there's no escaping it. Brandon was the winner of this game. Congratulations. You're moving on to the final round.


B. BLAIN: Thank you very much.

COULTON: (Singing) My baby don't mess around because she loves me so and this I know for sure. But does she really want to but can't stand to see me walk out that door? Don't try to fight the feeling because the thought alone is killing me right now. Thank God for mom and dad for sticking two together 'cause we don't know how. Hey, ya. Hey, ya. Hey, ya. Hey, ya.


EISENBERG: Jonathan Coulton. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.