New Arkansas Program Tries To Improve Emotional Health

Feb 15, 2013

While some Arkansans are taking the necessary precautions to protect their physical health through diet and exercise, many people still aren’t managing their emotional wellbeing.

Wally Goddard is a professor of Family Life for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. After reviewing research, Goddard started a new curriculum that helps people build better relationships and it’s being distributed statewide through the Cooperative Extension Service.

“One of the really interesting discoveries is that if people want to be more open to each other there are two keys in the process of becoming more open,” said Goddard. “The first [key] is to be aware that we’re all biased… we all see imperfectly and we impose our own meanings on the people around us. The second part is to realize the errors in our own story and to begin to fully appreciate the feelings, needs, and concerns of another person.”

KUAR’s Malcolm Glover talks with Goddard about his new program titled “Getting our Hearts Right: Three Keys to Building Better Relationships.” The twelve-page booklet is available for free at every county extension office in Arkansas. Click here for a link to the booklet.

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