New Survey: Arkansans Divided On Concealed Weapons Bill

Feb 22, 2013

A survey released Friday by Talk Business and Hendrix College finds by a slight margin that most respondents support a bill that would allow weapons to be carried on college campuses by licensed faculty and staff. 

49% are in favor of the proposal, while 43-percent are against it.  Roby Brock with Talk Business Arkansas says it shows that gun rights issues remain a divisive topic.  

Brock said, "When you look at the numbers and you see that its less than 50 percent who support it or oppose it- it's both in the 40s…really it seems to be a lot of public opinion that is evenly divided on this issue."

Those surveyed were also asked about whether the legislature should approve 125 million dollars in incentives for a company to build a one billion dollar steel mill in east Arkansas.  64 percent approve of the project, with 17-percent against.