North Little Rock 'Innovation Hub' Gets $250K Grant

Dec 2, 2013

A new facility in North Little Rock whose goal is to provide technological and educational resources for entrepreneurs in Central Arkansas has been awarded a grant by the Delta Regional Authority.

The grant of 251,105 dollars will go towards developing facilities and help the Arkansas Regional Innovation hub become fully operational by next year, says Warwick Sabin, the executive director. He says the hub will include spaces for people to work on their business ideas as well as classrooms where people can learn things like computer programming

“And all of this will exist under one roof which means that we are shortening the distance that people have to get what they need to find pathways to success. So if they have an idea for an invention they can prototype it in the maker space and walk across the hallway to the co-worker space and find ways to turn that into a business.”

Sabin says the “co-working space” is where potential entrepreneurs can have access to helpful resources and a “maker space” where people can use tools like a 3D printer to work on designs.

“The award...that we received will help us really fastrack two-thirds of the remaining project and have that open by the spring and the way some of our other fundraising is going we expect to have that completed shortly thereafter."

Sabin says the innovation center should begin operations by the spring of 2014 and fully functional by the fall 2014.