One-Man Play To Tackle Life of President Bill Clinton

Mar 23, 2016

Credit Greg Henderson

A play about former President Bill Clinton takes to the stage in Little Rock this week. 

The one-man show, "Bill Clinton Hercules," was written by attorney Rachel Mariner who represented Clinton in a harassment case brought by Paula Jones. 

Actor Bob Paisely is performing the piece at the Arkansas Reparatory Theater starting Thursday. The show runs through Saturday.

Paisley said the show is meant to mimic a TED Talk, with Clinton reminiscing about his personal and political past, and imagining the issues the country will face in the future.

"It's an interesting contemporary examination of the president's life and the issues he faced as he was in office, and how that relates to what's going on today," he said.

"None the least of it is Hillary running for president and what his position might be as the potential first gentleman."

The show has been touring internationally for several years.