Online Maps To Help Arkansas Drivers Avoid Congested Roads

Nov 18, 2013

Credit Arkansas Highway & Transportation Departmen

Arkansas drivers may find it easier to navigate around congested roadways as the state Highway and Transportation Department implements a new online map, providing motorists with real-time traffic updates. Spokesman Danny Straessle says the new program will be much needed in the future.

“We have a lot of construction coming up over the next ten years,” he says. “And soon you won’t be able to travel in any direction from central Arkansas without being impacted by the construction on the state highway system. That’s actually a good thing because it shows we’re making progress on making a world class interstate facility.”

Nevertheless, that will still mean some frustrated drivers.

“With the growth comes the pain and sometimes that can come in the form of delays and congestion,” he says. may ease some of that pain. It uses GPS monitors to provide motorists an idea of where they might expect delays.

"Basically it’s a map-based website that shows people where all of the construction zones are located on the state highway system. They can click on a traffic layer that shows a live representation of how the traffic is flowing to and through those construction zones.”

Straessle says the department also hopes to soon add traffic cameras along interstates for online viewing and a winter weather road conditions map. He also reminds readers that they can follow the highway department on twitter @AHTD for real time traffic updates.