Organization Serving Homeless Exceeds Its Fundraising Goal Of $3.8 Million

Apr 10, 2013

A local organization serving the homeless met its fundraising goal just a day before its deadline of Wednesday, April 10.


Our House announced $4 million has been raised for construction of a new Children Center.

It will be used for childcare centers and after school programs for kids whose parents are working.

Executive Director Georgia Mjartan said, “When homeless parents come to our shelter and they are willing and able to work, they want to go get a job.  But they have little children. We have a woman right now, who is living in our shelter, who has twins. She came to us when her babies were 6 weeks old. For her to be able to get a job, she needed that child care so she could know that her children are well taken care of.”


Mjartan hopes the center will be ready by next summer so children can find shelter from heat.

“Some of these young people are living in cars with their parents and they have no place to be during the summer. So for us that’s the busiest time. So by summer of 2014, we’ll be able to open the door and say to 142 children you have a safe place to be, you are going to get fed over the summer, you are going to have a place to come during the day, and you are not going to be out there in August’ heat,” said Mjartan.

Mjartan said while they have raised money for the building, they are seeking donations for furniture and things like baby cribs and computers.

She said she’s very grateful of all the support and donations from the public.

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