Osborne Home Once Famous for Christmas Lights Deeded to Redfield

Dec 24, 2013

Jennings Osborne at Disney World
Credit flickr.com

The Little Rock home once owned by drug researcher Jennings Osborne and known for its Christmas light display has been given to the city of Redfield, between Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

Kourosh Malek of Redfield signed the deed to the city on Monday. Redfield's Mayor Tony Lawhon said the city plans to sell the property - which has been appraised at more than $1.6 million. Malek bought the home for $291,500 at an auction held to help pay the Osborne family's debts, after Jennings death in 2011.

The home and ones on each side of it were once the site of a Christmas display of about 2 million lights that neighbors successfully sued as a nuisance. In 1995, most of the lights were taken to Disney World in Florida.