Possibility of Snow Sunday in Arkansas

Mar 14, 2014

Credit www.weather.gov / NWS

While temperatures have been warming up lately the threat of winter weather is possible again this Sunday. Meteorologist Jeff Hood with the National Weather Service said heavy rainfall is possible for much of the state Saturday followed by cooler temperatures.

“If the cold is not sufficient enough then we won’t see much in the way of any frozen precipitation. It’ll be something to keep our eyes on Sunday evening through the overnight hours. It should all be out of here very early Monday morning but it’s definitely something interesting to watch as the chance for snowfall in Arkansas in March could get a lot of people’s attention,” said Hood.

He said predictions will become more accurate as weather balloons are launched to monitor the system as it traverses the western half of the country. Rainfall and snow might also impact wild fire threats emerging after recent warmer temperatures.

“Whenever we see sunshine and we have warmer high temperatures in the afternoon hours, 60s and 70s, and we have those strong winds those two things in combination with low relative humidity values help to dry out the ground very quickly. This rainfall event this weekend, a half inch to an inch and half of rainfall across a good part of the state, will definitely help things,” said Hood.

He cautioned even a little snow could make driving hazardous but said rising temperatures at the beginning of next week makes it unlikely frozen precipitation will last long.