Pryor Says No to Syria Strikes Making Cotton Sole Arkansas Supporter

Sep 7, 2013

Map of Syria

A statement by Senator Mark Pryor Saturday on Syrian intervention puts him at odds with his challenger, Representative Tom Cotton.

KUAR's Jacob Kauffman has more:

Democratic Senator Mark Pryor's statement said he is opposed to military action in Syria. He said he doesn't see Syria as a national security interest, does not believe the President's plan has a definitive mission, and pointed to an inability to gather allies as key reasons for opposing military strikes.

Although Pryor is the sole Democrat in Arkansas' congressional delegation his comments are in line with every other member with the exception of Tom Cotton. Representative Cotton is challenging Pryor for his senate seat and says the US needs to take “decisive military action.”

President Obama has called for a limited engagement aimed at degrading the capacity of the Assad regime to deliver chemical weapons – which US officials say killed 1,400 last month although French and British intelligence have much lower figures. Since 2011 over 100,000 have died in the Syrian civil war.

Jacob Kauffman, KUAR News.