Public Meeting To Address North Little Rock Properties

Feb 20, 2013

Big Rock Quarry

  The future of North Little Rock properties such as the Big Rock Quarry and green space west of Pike Avenue will be topics of discussion for residents and the city’s Public Land Use Development Task Force in a meeting to held Thursday night.

“We are looking at the Big Rock Quarry, the Burns parks area where there’s a proposed lodge to be built and other areas in the city to determine whether or not they should be held for public use as in a park or a green space or a conservation area, or whether they should be earmarked for economic development,” says Connie Philips, Chairwoman of the Task Force.

Philips says the meeting will be instrumental in leading the Task Force to recommend a development plan to the city council on April 22nd. “Before we actually come down with the recommendation we want to have the public’s input on it and that’s why we’re having the meeting to see if there’s any other options that the Task Force has not considered because we definitely want all of the public to be made aware of what we’re doing.”

The meeting will take place Thursday at 7 P.M. in the North Little Rock Community Center at 2700 Willow Street.