Pulaski County Jail To Close Again To All But The Most Violent Offenders

Jun 30, 2014

Credit www.pcso.org

The Pulaski County Jail is again being closed because of overcrowding, with only the most violent offenders to be taken in.

Sheriff Doc Holladay says as of Monday morning, 1,281 inmates were being held, which is 71 over capacity.

“Looking ahead over the next few days with the long holiday weekend coming, it is quite clear that our population is going to continue to grow unless we took some steps to limit access to the facility. Unfortunately the only way we can do that is close the facility to only violent felons,” Holladay said.

The closure will take effect at 12 p.m. Tuesday.

Holladay is optimistic that legislation expected to be passed at this week’s special session of the Arkansas Legislature will help. It will create 600 new beds for state prisons.

Many state prisoners are being held in county prisons, waiting for additional bed space. 467 of those inmates are being held in the Pulaski County Jail.

Holladay says he will only make exceptions and lock up non-violent offenders when local officials ask for it.

"It would have to be someone that has been a particular nuisance in the community and the request made by a chief or a judge and we would try to assist them with that.”

Holladay previously closed the jail last November, saying the situation had become dangerous and was draining his budget because of the need for overtime and higher medical and food needs.  The jail had just reopened on June 9.