Pulaski County Jail Reopens Once Again After Being At Capacity

Jul 24, 2014

The Pulaski County Jail
Credit pcso.org

The Pulaski County Jail reopened Thursday. It had been closed to all but the most violent offenders since July 1 because it was at its capacity of 1,210 inmates.

Sheriff Doc Holladay said legislation passed in a special session this month opening up 600 more beds statewide for $6.3 million has helped ease the situation.

“We’ve been able to do this for large because of the agreement we’ve reached with the state to begin taking inmates out of our facility, state inmates who were backlogged in our county jail,” said Sheriff Holladay.

Earlier this week the state leased a satellite building of Pulaski County’s jail for one-dollar to house up to 250 state inmates. The building was previously a work center for inmates but had to be closed due to lack of funding.

Holladay said overcrowding is still likely to be an issue.

“We’re still going to have to keep putting pressure on the state to take as many of them as we can to help us control our population. It’s still going to be a daily process,” said Holladay.

The state is still nearly 2,000 inmates above capacity.