Pulaski Tech To Assess College's Financial Future After Voters Reject Tax Increase

Mar 12, 2014

Now that Pulaski County voters have overwhelmingly rejected a measure for a property tax increase to generate $11 million annually for Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock, the school's president says she will be assessing the college's financial future. 

Voters turned back the measure by a 3-to-1 margin.

"Am I disappointed about the outcome? Sure. But, today's a new day and we're going to continue on. We're going to look at our programs and services and do that very diligently and align that with our current budget and what we see our budget being going into the future," says Dr. Margaret Ellibee.

Dr. Ellibee says she feels the school is tremendously underfunded from the state. 

Members of the Board of Trustees at the college could decide to raise tuition once again to offset costs. The board will be meeting soon to discuss the college's next steps.

Pulaski Tech is one of six public two-year colleges in Arkansas that do not rely on a local millage, property tax or sales tax to operate. It is the largest of those schools.