Rep. Griffin Bill On Mandate Passes House, Not Expected To Be Considered By Senate

Jul 18, 2013

Rep. Tim Griffin

Two bills challenging mandates that are part of President Obama's health care law now move to the Senate, after passing in the House Wednesday.

Congressman Tim Griffin authored one of the bills, which delays the requirement that businesses provide employee health insurance or be penalized.

Thursday, Griffin spoke about the bill with KUAR during All Things Considered. You can listen to the interview above.

The bills come after the Obama Administration announced a one-year delay earlier this month for the employer mandate.

"The President has recognized that the employer mandate is unworkable at this point and that it is a burden on businesses and labor unions and as a result sought to postpone it," Griffin said, "we agree with the President on that point."

But he says that President Obama taking that action is unconstitutional, arguing it needed to be done through Congress.

Griffin acknowledges that his bill is unlikely to be taken up by the Democratic-majority Senate, but says regardless, proposing it "was the right thing for us to do."

"I can tell you that the Republican leadership in the Senate have asked that Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, bring the bill and the accompanying bill that deals with the individual mandate to a vote. I don't know what the chances are but they are not good, I am sure based on what I've heard from the White House and Democrats," Griffin said.