Repairs To Continue Through The Weekend After Storms Cut Through Arkansas

Apr 4, 2014

Cleanup continues after a powerful storm system moved through Arkansas overnight. The hardest hit areas were in south Arkansas.

At Camden Fairview High School, part of the roof was ripped off. Classes were cancelled and school officials have been working to assess damage and determine the quickest ways to make repairs.

Power crews have also been busy. At its peak, Entergy Arkansas spokeswoman Sally Graham says more than 51,000 of its customers were without power.  By mid-afternoon Friday, that was down to about 17,000.

"The main causes for the damage were the straight-line winds that in some areas the National Weather Service was saying were up to 80 miles-per-hour. Definitely strong enough to move limbs already weakened from a very active winter ice season this year to fall into our powerlines," Graham said.

Some power poles were also snapped.  Repairs are expected to continue through the weekend for the hardest hit areas.