Restitution Claim Dropped In Arkansas Vote Fraud Case

Apr 16, 2013

A claim for restitution has been abandoned in the case of a former Arkansas legislator convicted of conspiracy to commit election fraud.

Kim Felker sought restitution after losing the Democratic Party runoff to former Rep. Hudson Hallum. Her claim was dropped Monday when a federal prosecutor said the government would not seek restitution from Hallum and others.

Former State Rep. Hudson Hallum
Credit Danny Johnston / AP Photo

Hallum pleaded guilty in September, along with his father, who prosecutors said instructed campaign workers to bribe voters and use absentee ballots to commit fraud. Rep. Fred Smith won the seat last year after another judge ordered that votes for Hallum not be counted. Hallum declined comment.

Felker wasn't available for comment. She wanted the salary she would have made as a legislator, as well as expenses and legal fees.