Riverfest Recap

May 27, 2013

This year's Riverfest celebration did not break any attendance records, but preliminary estimates put attendance at a four year high. Over 250,000 people lined the riverfront over three days. Festival goers also got a look at a newly renovated Riverfront Amphitheater. Festival Chairwoman Jody Veit-Edrington says she doesn't believe the rain Sunday hurt turnout.

Credit flickr.com

Veit-Edrington says, "I was down listening to Cody Belew on the Budweiser Stage, or waiting to listen to Cody Belew, when the rains came. People pretty much stayed right where they were. I think some people went under bridges and under tents to wait it out, but really I do not think that it in any way effected our festival attendance."

The weekend festivities marked the 35th year of Riverfest and the 11th year the festival has spanned both sides of the Arkansas River. Festival attendance climbed each day of the festival, with the largest crowd on Sunday night.