Ross and Hutchinson Agree About Plans to Support Veterans

Aug 25, 2014

Mike Ross speaks to supporters about his priorities for aiding veterans.
Credit Sarah Whites-Koditschek

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross said today he wants to empower the state's veterans commission, push for tax exemptions for retired military members and increase funding for treatment courts for veterans.

Ross announced his plan for serving Arkansas veterans today. He said with a national average of 22 veteran suicides a day, the state's next governor can't be complacent in his attention to the needs of the nearly 260,000 veterans living in Arkansas.

"From unemployment to homelessness to mental and physical injuries, our veterans face a number of serious challenges and they deserve bold leadership to get the job done. It's time to stop being reactive and start being proactive," he said today at a press conference in his campaign office in downtown Little Rock.

Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson said he supports a similar plan.

"In this case, both Mike Ross and I agree, our veterans deserve our complete support," said Hutchinson in an interview.

He said he especially wants to ensure veterans get in-state tuition upon returning home.

"Sometimes they leave their residency when they serve our country. When they come back to Arkansas, we need to make sure they get the benefit of in-state tuition without waiting," he said.

Joshua Drake of the Green Party and Libertarian Frank Gilbert are also running for governor.