Saline & Marion Counties Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses For Gays

May 13, 2014

Couples lined up Monday to get marriage licenses in the Pulaski County Courthouse.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

A chief deputy clerk in Saline County says her office will suspend issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until they hear from the state's highest court.

The office Monday issued six certificates. Chief Deputy Clerk Darlene Westbrook said Tuesday they're waiting for the Arkansas Supreme Court to rule on whether same-sex marriages are legal in the state.

In east Arkansas, the Marion County clerk says her office will also stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses. County Clerk Dee Carleton said Tuesday two men from Yellville received their license on Monday.  

But county clerks for both Washington and Pulaski Counties say they'll continue issuing the licenses unless Arkansas's Supreme Court accepts the attorney general's request to temporarily preserve the state's ban on gay marriages.

In 2004, Arkansas voters passed a ban on gay marriages in a constitutional amendment. A judge overturned the ban last week, saying it was unfair to same-sex couples.

Arkansas' attorney general requested a stay in the judge's ruling to the state's high court to temporarily preserve the ban.