Search And Rescue Efforts Continue in Faulkner County

Apr 28, 2014

Faulkner County's attorney David Hogue

Update: Hogue says residents of Mayflower and Vilonia are now being allowed back into their towns as long as they bring a valid ID with them that proves they live there. He says the number of people confirmed dead in the county is now eleven.   

Search and rescue efforts continue in Faulkner County after last night's deadly tornadoes.

Faulkner County's attorney David Hogue says residents in Vilonia and Mayflower are not yet being allowed back into their neighborhoods.

"And that's why there's a perimeter around both of these towns so that when people are coming in, unless you can show ID and given them a valid reason to be there, you're not going to be let in," said Hogue.

Hogue said citizen volunteers will be welcome soon, but not quite yet.

"As long as we have emergency personnel on the scene and as long as we have power lines down, we're asking citizen volunteers to stay where they are. There will be a time. It's just not yet," said Hogue. 

Ten people have been confirmed dead in Faulkner County, including two children. The overall death toll in Arkansas as a result of the storms is at sixteen at this point.