Second Largest Payout Ever Could Be Big for Arkansas Lottery Commission Revenue

Dec 17, 2013


The Arkansas Lottery is taking part in the second largest Mega Millions jackpot ever in the nation, involving over 40 states. Tuesday's drawing is for $636 million.

State Lottery Director Bishop Woosley said big jackpots usually meana  spike in revenue so this jackpot could help the Lottery Commission catch up to their revenue goals.

“We are a little bit behind our budgeted revenue so far and part of that accounts for the fact that we've just not seen the sales from some of these bigger jackpots that we've anticipated,” said Woosley. "Thankfully, we have this jackpot and hopefully this will catch us up and get us back to or near where we had planned on being at this time of the year.”

Woosley said at this point the commission is under revenue goals, but they expect to turn that around by next year. He said, nearly half of the proceeds from tickets go toward funding the Arkansas Challenge scholarship.