Senator Pryor Accuses Republican Challenger Cotton Of Attacking His Faith

Jul 2, 2014

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor is accusing Republican rival Tom Cotton of questioning his religious beliefs for an interview where Cotton said the Democratic lawmaker thinks that "faith is something that only happens at 11 o'clock on Sunday mornings."

In response, Cotton commended Pryor on Wednesday as a "man of faith."

Pryor's campaign said Wednesday that Cotton should apologize for the remarks made in an interview with Fayetteville TV station KNWA. The Republican congressman made the remarks Tuesday when asked about a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that some companies don't need to provide birth control to employees over religious objections.

This marks the latest time the two have wrangled over comments they claim insults a key part of their biographies as they run in an increasingly expensive, nationally watched race.