State Police To Increase Sobriety Patrols

Mar 8, 2013


As  teenagers around the state begin to celebrate the end of the school year, Arkansas State Police will be on the look-out for intoxicated underage drivers. Spokeswoman Ann Whitehead says drivers can expect an increase in the number of patrols and roadway checkpoints in coming days. She says these actions are about safety.

“Car Crashes are the leading cause of deaths for teens,” says Whitehead. “This is an especially important message this time of the year when many young people are on the road attending spring breaks and end-of-school activities such as proms and graduations.”

But she says patrols will look out for anyone suspected of impaired driving.“This means motorists can expect stepped-up patrols, increased sobriety checkpoints anywhere, anytime, statewide.”

Whitehead says drivers under the age of 21 who have Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) above 0.02 are considered impaired and could face fines and have their licenses suspended. She says underage drivers with BAC's in excess of 0.08 can be convicted of a DWI and face the same criminal proceedings as an adult. The first round of stepped up enforcement begins March 9th through the 18th, with another round in April