Teen Pregnancy Rates Down In Arkansas, Still 4th In Nation

Feb 26, 2014

While Arkansas has the 4th highest teen birth rate in the United States, it has made significant improvements in the last couple of decades. Still, the head of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says more can be done.

Sarah Brown, CEO of the private, independent non-profit group was in Little Rock Wednesday where she spoke at the Clinton School of Public Service.  She also spoke to the Human Services Subcommittee of the Arkansas House and Senate.

In an interview with KUAR, she praised efforts in Arkansas that have lowered the percentage.

"The rate has gone down 43 percent in the teen birth rate since 1991.  The national had done better as a whole, it's down 52 percent, but let's look at this as the cup as half-full," Brown said.  "This is a problem that can be worked on successfully and Arkansas has over a number of years had a number of initiatives, so we want to keep the effort going because we're not where we need to be."

You can hear the full interview with Brown above.