TFTS-164 "Scaredy-Tales" Ocober 31, 2013

Oct 31, 2013

On this week's show our annual Scaredy-Tales show: Alan L. Lowe - A Wild Ride / Jody Fortenberry - Chops / Deborah Carroll -  I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost. Musical guests Angelyn Jolly and Paula Seago.

A true tale about this show. This was the 3rd Scaredy-Tales show we've taped at Starving Artist Cafe, Paula says each previous year something weird has happened in the cafe. This year we got it on tape. During Paula's intro and part of the first story, you'll hear the CO2 compressor for the soft drink system start to repeatedly discharge, which it had never done before. It was disconnected and continued into the first story. Then in the second story both of the recorders glitched with the computer multi track recording actually stopping.  (You'll see production engineer Jay Jones scramble to the the multitrack going again on the youtube video of Jody's story) Lastly the music stands used by our musical guests disappeared between the time they finished playing and the end of the taping of the show. Three weird things on the 3rd Scaredy-Tales show. They say poltergeists come in 3's.  Enjoy the show!