Tom Cotton Opens Arkansas Headquarters for Senate Run

Jan 11, 2014

Tom Cotton Addressing Onlookers at Campaign HQ
Credit Ryan Saylor / Talk Business Arkansas

Representative Tom Cotton opened his Senatorial campaign headquarters in Little Rock Saturday in the presence of about 75 supporters and onlookers.

Ryan Saylor with Talk Business Arkansas covered the opening as the Republican challenger to Mark Pryor laid out his case to Arkansans.

“Do we send a new conservative leader to Washington D.C. from Arkansas who will be there to represent our conservative views and our conservative values?” asked Cotton.

Cotton pitted himself against President Barack Obama.

“I'll be a Senator who doesn't go to Washington just to go along to get along, who doesn't sit on the back bench and wait his turn, who stands up and represents the people of Arkansas, who is an advocate for everyone from every corner of the state, who stops the Obama agenda, and who begins to roll back the damages that's been caused by the first five years of the Obama presidency,” said Cotton.

He said he will go against his own party if need be and negatively cast Democratic Senator Mark Pryor as a representative who closely adheres to the President's policy goals.

Cotton's headquarters, located near the bottom of Cantrell Hill, will host about six staff members and serve as the first permanent location for Cotton's camp to make phone calls, assemble yard signs, and serve as a focal point for volunteers and supporters.