Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
7:09 am
Sun July 14, 2013

Transgendered - long version

This program was first aired in May of 2012. A few months prior to that a very violent murder/hate crime was committed against a transgendered person and while that is at the extreme, those who fall under the transgendered category do face a lifetime of stress and emotional turmoil, compared to others. My guests for this program were Georgia, a 54 year old senior generation member who joined us from Florida. She began her transition while in her early 30’s. Andre, at 33 had just had the SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) the previous year. She has maintained her employment throughout the transition period and has been received very positively by her social group. Ali, a 17 year old at the time of our broadcast, joined us with her grandmother in studio. She eagerly awaits the SRS sometime in the future and has been in transition since very early childhood. Her grandmother spoke clearly about the acceptance and assurance that Ali is female and has always been female in a male anatomy. I think you will find this discussion unusual in its frankness and sincerity. For my take on the subject and thoughts on the interview…I found that these 3 were normal, intelligent, happy individuals who were willing to share their generational perspectives in this era when discussions of this kind are not restricted to taboo limitations. To meet them in person, as I did and if I had not known them, I would not have known they were male. From all outward appearances, and inward expressions, they are female.