Trouble With Our New Streaming Service?

Oct 19, 2016

There have been some bumps in the road, but it should all be worth it.

In collaboration with NPR, many member station – like KUAR 89.1 and KLRE Classical 90.5 – have shifted to a station audio streaming service called Triton Digital. The advantages include improved audio service and functionality once we get past some initial hiccups.


We've had to make some updates to our web streams that may cause issues for listeners whose browsers or smartphone apps have saved previous versions of our streams.


Ok, so how do I get my web stream to work again?


If you listen to our live stream in an app like the NPR News app, try deleting the app from your phone or tablet and then redownloading it from your app store.


If you saved or bookmarked our old "Listen Live" player, that player will no longer work. The solution is to bookmark our homepage instead.


If you are listening on your computer, try a hard refresh on your browser:


For a Windows-based machine, hard refresh your browser by simultaneously pressing CTRL and F5.


For a Mac-based machine, hard refresh your browser by simultaneously pressing OPT, CMD, E.


If hard a refresh doesn't work, try this: Window users hit CTRL, SHIFT, DELETE simultaneously. Mac users hit CMD, SHIFT, DELETE. This will bring up your browsing data and from there you can clear your cache and cookies. (There is an option to save your passwords, so they will not be affected.)


If you've tried these things and you are still having problems, try restarting your computer.


If a hard refresh, restart or browser cache clearing doesn't work, please feel free to call our Content Development Director, Karen Steward, at 501-569-8491 or e-mail

Regarding Windows Media Player

One limitation of the new streaming software is that the stream will not play in Windows Media Player. It plays in VLC, Winamp, iTunes, and FLV Media Player. The reason is that Windows Media Player does not support the .pls or .m3u8 file extensions.

If you download (or already have) one of the four players above, you should be able to access streaming through either one of these links: