UA System Board Accepts Pulaski Tech Merger Agreement

May 26, 2016

The campus of Pulaski Technical College.

The University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees voted unanimously Thursday to adopt Pulaski Technical College as its sixth two-year institution. The decision was the final step for the campus to begin incorporating itself into the larger system. Margaret Ellibee, Pulaski Tech’s president, says her administration can now focus on the next phase: “a detailed plan of action.”

“We want to look at our contracting ability and in particular how we can start transitioning IT-related contracts. We want to look at how we can add to our professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff,” Ellibee says.

The UA System Board voted to raise tuition and fees at all of its campuses Thursday. However, that decision did not affect Pulaski Tech. Its board voted in April to raise tuition from $110 per credit hour to $130 per credit hours.

“I’m very confident and I believe our senior leadership is very confident, as well as the UA System staff—we’re all very confident in working very collaboratively and working very positively and the results will be successful,” Ellibee says.

Earlier this month the Pulaski Tech Board of Trustees also voted unanimously to join the UA System, after system president Donald Bobbitt presented the plan in late March.

Pulaski Tech currently enrolls more than 7,000 students, down from a high of nearly 12,000 in 2011.