UALR Chancellor Rogerson Settles Into First Month On The Job

Sep 6, 2016


UALR Chancellor Andrew Rogerson
Credit Chris Hickey / KUAR News

Dr. Andrew Rogerson has not quite completed a full week as the 10th chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Taking over from longtime Chancellor Joel Anderson, who retired this year, Rogerson comes to UALR from Sonoma State University in California, where he served as provost.


A native of Scotland, Rogerson began his academic career as a microbiologist. He says UALR’s unique role as the only metropolitan university in the state can help advance local economic development. He wants the curriculum to stay relevant in the modern economy by preparing students for not just one career.


“What we need to do is give our students entrepreneurial skills. We need to make them innovative. We have to turn them on to lifelong learning, so that they can ride out the challenges they're going to face throughout their careers in the coming years. And that's the opportunity we have at this university. We're in a city and we can capitalize on that. We can make sure our students get what I would call a signature experience,” he says.


Rogerson says a “signature” or “capstone” experience might be a major research project or study abroad experience. He says he also wants to take advantage of UALR’s role as a metropolitan university.


“I feel quite strong that the... only cities in the future in America that will be truly successful and sustainable are those that truly embrace their universities. It's often said—although most universities are located in a city—it's the ones that are of the city that will be most successful. So what that really means is, the city will benefit from economic development if it has a strong university and strong connections with that university,” he says.



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