UALR Staffer To Take Vanload Of Supplies To Tornado Victims

May 23, 2013

As the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma work to clean up the damage and rebuild following the tornado that destroyed part of the town this week, help is pouring in from surrounding areas.

One person on the University of Arkansas at Little Rock campus is helping.

Leanna Payton, who works in student housing is gathering odds and ends like toiletries, diapers and cell phone chargers to take to Moore. She plans to fill a van with the items.

Payton says she’s a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, which is not far from Moore, and when she heard the news, she just had to do something.

“I heard about the tornado, I watched the footage that night and it was just heart braking to see because everything was gone. And I woke up the next morning – that night I donated to Red Cross on my phone on a text – and, you know, the next morning I woke up and kind of wanted to do more,” she said.

Payton is gathering the items from anyone who will give them.

She has set up drop off points on the UALR campus in the Donaghey Student Center and the Student Housing office in the University Commons room.

She’s taking donations at those locations until noon Friday.