UCA Ex-Administrator Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence

Mar 13, 2014

Credit Faulkner Co. Sheriff's Office

A former University of Central Arkansas administrator remains free on bond pending an appeal after a jury convicted him of six counts of commercial burglary.

The jury in Van Buren County recommended Wednesday that former UCA chief of staff Jack Gillean serve three years in prison. Earlier in the day, the jury deliberated about an hour and a half before convicting Gillean on the felony counts.

Prosecutors accused Gillean of giving master keys to a student so the student could break into professors' offices to steal tests.

Gillean's defense attorneys had asked the jury to not send Gillean to prison, arguing that the 57-year-old had already lost his job and reputation. The Log Cabin Democrat reports that Gillean's attorneys have 30 days to file an appeal of Wednesday's judgment.