U.S. Marshals Museum To Be Open In Arkansas Will Cost $50 Million

Feb 18, 2013

Organizers of a planned U.S. Marshals Museum in western Arkansas are getting a big boost with a big donation.

Credit Flickr.com

The project in Fort Smith will cost $50 million, which covers the building, exhibits, endowments, and the first year’s operation cost.

Jessica Hayes, the museum Vice President, says its goal is to honor the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency in the country.

“Their story, the exhibits, programs, and all the various components of the museum, will actually tell the story of American history. And we’ll touch on a lot of the nation’s most important events from slavery to the civil rights movement and the school integration, the Whiskey Rebellion and the role that the marshal’s service played in the Katrina and the 9/11,” said Hayes.

Hayes says Margaret Speer Carter, the daughter of the founder of the Melanie Holt Speer Foundation, has now donated $200,000 to the project.

No date is set yet for the opening of the museum.