Week-In-Review: Resignation At DHS, Booneville, Minimum Sentencing Laws, Teach For America

Jan 29, 2016

On this week's program:

--Some shake-ups at DHS: The state Child welfare director announces she’s resigning. A report shows negligence at a Booneville Human Development Center. And when will the agency get new leadership at the top?

--The politics of sentencing: How do Arkansas’s U.S. Senate candidates stand on mandatory minimums? 

---The Arkansas Medical Board changes some key terms in the state’s regulations on abortions. We’ll examine the reasons behind the decision and how it might sit with Republican lawmakers.

--Teach for America expands into Little Rock schools. It has the backing of the Governor and business, but do the program’s college grads have the experience to make a difference?

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*The first 6 minutes of this podcast were irretrievably erased due to a technical snafu. We apologize for this error. If you'd like to learn more about DHS Division of Children and Family Services Director Cecile Blucker's resignation, check out this article. The discussion on a report about Booneville's Human Development Center is only partially there. For more read this article.