Weekend Festival to Showcase Local Music, Activities

Sep 26, 2013

The second-annual Arkansas Sounds Music Festival will be hitting downtown Little Rock this weekend with music, crafts and activities.

The free event, started in 2012 by the Central Arkansas Library System and the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, spotlights the state's eclectic array of music from all areas of notoriety.

The purpose of Arkansas Sounds is largely built upon the idea of music preservation -- something for which the state, according to CALS spokeswoman Susan Gele, has little outlet.

"Arkansas has a wonderfully varied musical history," Gele said. "We have had wonderfully talented musicians who have come from this state. ... [Arkansas Sounds] wants to keep records of the music that we make and the music that we love as Arkansans."

Gele also said a point of pride for the festival is the diverse range of music to be performed, including everything from gypsy jazz to electro-punk to progressive rock.

"We're trying to celebrate Arkansas's music history," Gele said. "Music can help in education as well because you can put anything to music and learn it. ... It's a wonderful way to be able to express yourself in an artistic way as well as in entertainment."

Additional indoor activities for kids and teenagers will also be provided by CALS on the fourth floor of the Main Library, including a concert by kids' group The Kinders and a hip-hop writing/production workshop.

The festival begins Friday, Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. at the First Security Amphitheater. Admission is free.

More information  can be found at ArkansasSounds.org.